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User experience (UX) redesign services that boost businesses

UI Audit: obtain User Interface that people like and which sells

To begin our work, we first decompose each site element one by one, determining which elements are used on all pages and which are unique to specific pages. Our team also carefully analyzes the placement of CTAs, resizing images, and other visual elements.

FastRedesign UX redesign service creates user interface that like, also which sells
UX redesign services is used for research, also competitive analysis,  after that makes your website better

UX Research and competitive analysis

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your competitors, analyzing their website’s visual design and strategies. Using this competitive analysis, we enhance your site’s attractiveness and improve its user-friendliness, resulting in faster load times and better intuitive navigation after our redesign services.

After reviewing some of our UX redesign services, we encourage you to consider planning your budget accordingly.

Prioritization of UX redesign services

Changing the look of the site is not the main thing in a redesign. But redesign affects many factors that should improve the site. First of all when it comes to conversions and sales.

For instance, A/B testing of your site will help increase conversion. So knowing your goals will allow us to focus on achieving specific results through a redesign.

FastRedesign service uses method prioritization, knowing your goals we will to focus on achieving specific results
redesign services uses method target audience determination, this will help make the right decision when fine-tuning the of your site

Target audience determination

The development of the site’s target audience is permanent throughout its existence.

Therefore if you are adding new products or services to your site? Also, enter new markets? Hence you need to update your messages to the audience that is most capable and ready to buy your product. So for exploring that, we will create a Buyer Persona for each target audience and company. This method will help us make the right decision when fine-tuning the of your site.

So depending on which category your site is set up, the design will be adjustable. If its goal is a middle-aged businessman, there will hence be a strict and discreet. If the audience is more youthful and it is designed for Millennials, hence be brighter and more colorful.

Sorting out design elements

The UX redesign services will not affect those elements which do not need to be updated and fulfill their purpose correctly.

Based on this analyze, we can decide what needs to be updated and what needs to be preserved (for instance, a recognizable logo, or a recognizable color palette.)

redesign services conducts sorting out design elements, based on these a decision is made what to be updated and needs to be preserved
redesign services conducts website health analysis,  as a result will can identify potential problem areas

Website health analysis

Our work begins with checking your site for performance.

A rather common problem, an abandoned shopping cart on your e-commerce site will be checked. Therefore, if the problem is found we update and redesign the ordering process. Thus, we will to stimulate its implementation and turn abandoned baskets into purchases.

Having investigated the traffic structure of your site, our team also will find out which pages receive the fastest crashes. And using visual reports such as heatmap and scrollmap, will analyze the behavior of visitors to your site, and identify potential problem areas. The record used as a result of the check will provide even more detailed information about the activity of site visitors on certain pages.

Building wireframes and mockups

Visualizing your website before its launch will simplify the task for developers and save you time and money. This can be done for instance by wireframes and mockups. Also, frames which are using allows you to accurately place each element on the page.

So likewise the wireframes and mockups allow you to immediately assess the colors and typography of the site. We will create them for your product so you can evaluate an update on the early stages of the whole redesign services process.

redesign services is used for building the wireframes and mockups, as a result will can evaluate an update on the early stages
database redesign used for in order to, our customers are able to stay longer on a modern high-performance website

Database redesign services

For large projects, we conduct a database-based redesign. Hence, our customers can stay longer on a modern high-performance website and less often resort to a redesign procedure.

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