From flash to HTML – WebApp UI redesign

The Client

Hardware developer and provider of TV and other media equipment for hotels.

Project date/duration

Feb, 2020

Project Summary

In this project, we present a redesigned version of the web application, which solves some of the major UX problems faced by managers of the hotels who are not very techy but have to create an engaging announcement for their customers daily.

The Challenge/Problem

Firstly, the web application was based on flash technology, and it was urgently necessary to transfer it to HTML. Secondly, this application exists for a long time, and the typical user is a manager who has been getting used to the interface for years. The main task was to preserve the arrangement of elements to find the necessary features intuitively for the user.

The Solution

We have analyzed the UI’s current structure and collect usage and engagement data from recent experience. On the other hand, we collected many successful and unsuccessful examples of this experience from other web applications to conduct some competitive analysis.


Users & Audience

Design audit results

Redesign Process


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