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E-commerce website redesign price
FastRedesign this redesign service that boosts businesses - E-commerce website redesign cost

E-commerce website redesign cost

UI & UX and
Performance Audit

UX Research and Competitive Analysis

UX Research and
Competitive Analysis

Website redesign cost

Building Wireframes and
Design Mockups

Health Analysis and Database Redesign

Health Analysis and
Database Redesign

E-commerce website redesign price

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Our service consists of a complete redesign cycle using the entire set of professional tools, and all work will be carried out by a team of experienced designers and developers.

One of the most important aspects of online store redesign is User Experience (UX) Research, which is crucial for e-commerce websites. It helps identify user needs and behaviors, as well as pain points, enabling us to make necessary improvements that can increase your website’s conversions and revenue while also building a loyal customer base.

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UX statistics: the costs of user frustration

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For example, starting from $650.00, you will get:

  • Basic UX research
  • UX / UI review (audit)
  • Visual design and front-end (HTML/CSS) updates
  • Site resources optimization
  • Basic SEO optimization
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Redesign your e-commerce website

Why you need FastRedesign

Why you need FastRedesign

Redesigning an e-commerce website can have a significant impact on your business. With improved UX/UI design, you can increase sales conversion rates, enhance customer engagement, and establish a better online presence.

However, the cost of e-commerce website redesign can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the specific needs of the business. Some factors that can affect the price include the number of pages to be redesigned, the integration of new features and functionalities, and the type of content to be created.

Our team ready to provide a personalized quote for your e-commerce website redesign, taking into account your specific requirements and budget constraints. With our affordable and comprehensive redesign services, you can transform your e-commerce website into a powerful and successful online platform. Contact us today to get started.

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