Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Website

Why you need to redesign your website. Top Reasons.

Web business needs to keep abreast of technology trends, design, and promotion of your company. Perhaps even higher than offline companies, because the speed of obtaining information about your company by potential clients is much higher than that of an offline business. Below listed 5 key signs to help you determine if you are trending or need to redesign your website immediately.

Reason 1. Decreasing sales

The most obvious sign that something is wrong with your online business is a drop in sales. What should be done in this case? What should you immediately pay attention to?

First, is your site generating the right amount of traffic and converting users into buyers? And secondly, do these people stay on the page for the required time, or do they leave it without understanding the complicated interface?

You can check the bounce rate using Google Analytics – this is one of the ways to assess the effectiveness and usability of the site. The average bounce rate, for example, for a service of services, should not exceed 10-30%. Suppose this indicator is from 30% to 40%. In that case, this is a reason to redesign the site and reduce the percentage of bounces to satisfactory performance.

Why you need to redesign your website. Top Reasons. The design looks outdated.

Reason 2. Slow page loading speed

How fast is your landing page loading? The Page Speed ​​Report For Marketers states that “more than half of visitors leave a page if they have to wait longer than 3 seconds.”

Slow page loading often annoys customers. Even a one-second delay can result in a 7% loss in conversions, according to kissmetrics [pdf].

Suppose you see that your site takes too long to load pages in the browser. In that case, this is already a reason to redesign it and don’t think how many customers have left you for competitors because of your site’s slow loading.

Why you need to redesign your website. Top Reasons. Slow page loading speed.

Reason 3. The design looks outdated

If your site is more than three years old, then most likely it needs a fresh design. The site is the face of the company. It should always be its best and most modern part.

Modern design and its straightforward task of attracting and retaining a client on the page also increase search rankings. Google will rank pages better with fresh content as its algorithm considers the “fresh factor.”

This coefficient considers such indicators as the age of the page publication, how often its content changes, and how significant these changes are.

Why you need to redesign your website. Top Reasons. Brand changes.

Reason 4. Brand changes

Many companies are rebranding their businesses from time to time, intending to attract new customers.

And if you updated the logo or made any changes to the corporate identity, it would be best if you also made these changes to your site. In other cases, the difference in appearance between your corporate style and the website will mislead your customers and damage the company’s credibility.

Also, your clients may have doubts about the reliability of the content posted on your web resource. And this can lead to the fact that they stop using your site’s services only because the appearance of the site will differ from the general corporate style.

Why you need to redesign your website. Reason 5. Industry changes.

Reason 5. Industry changes

All of your current products and services should be clearly reflected and presented to the prospect on your website. If this is not the case, then it must be corrected as soon as possible.

Because businesses do not stand still and often release new products and services or change the products and services they provide. And the trust of your customers in your business is based on the reliability of the information that is reflected on your website.

That redesign is necessary to timely provide accurate information to your website clients about all changes in it. As well as what you offer and how much it costs, it will also help promote your new product or service.


If, in your opinion, at least one of the listed reasons concerns your site, please contact our team. We will conduct all the necessary tests and analyze the existing site for possible problems. And we will provide you with options for solving the identified violations and developing your resource, taking into account the mission and goals of your company.