Why a website redesign is needed at all? 3 key answers

Last Updated on: 5th October 2020, 03:16 pm

Website redesign and increasing your web business profitability

What is of paramount importance in your web business is profitability. The rest are items such as improving people’s lives, developing technologies, etc. – sadly, they become secondary since they do not provide direct opportunities for your business’s development and growth here and now.

While maintaining business profitability to focus on sustainable development’s global idea, there are several points that website owners should pay attention to.

So why would the redesign make an extra profit?

website redesign increase business profitability

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First: Site appearance and functionality

Let’s start with the simplest and most understandable, the site interface. The company’s website is a business card. The introduction of a potential client to your company begins with the site interface. And depending on how informative, attractive, and convenient to use your interface will be, the potential client will become “real,” or your competitors will have one more client.

Site redesign begins with the Usability and User Interface audit to determine what is most valuable to the client. And create for him the most comfortable and informative interface possible. The redesign’s first task is to create a comfortable and informative-useful environment for attracting new and retaining “old” customers.

Second: Competitive advantage

To ask the owner of a business in 2020 if he has a website, I think it would be redundant. Having a site for any business is a must-have, even small services or cafes have their web pages.
And it is necessary to stand out against a multitude of competitors. And be remembered by the client with his personality. At the very least, request competitive analysis from professional team and create a unique design that will stand out from the general public.

The need to meet successful competitors encourages the business to implement the redesign. The redesign can be the best way for you to confront both more and more robust competitors successfully. Who also use these methods and will try to replicate these solutions on their websites.

The average life expectancy of a site is measured approximately three years (in detail in the third article). The timely redesign will help you to stand out against competitors and extend the life of the website.

Third: Extension of website life

Like all things, a website has its lifespan. Now, there was lousy information for web business owners. When you created the site, you spent a lot of time and money building it. Maybe you thought that was it. The site is available, and the statistics are excellent; the conversions from the site are superior. But it turns out the lifespan of a site is about three years, and according to Business 2 Community, the average lifespan of a website is even shorter, ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 years.

And now, on the bright side, the redesign features allow us to extend the life of your site as long as you need it. After the timely redesign, your site will continue to convert the necessary traffic and remain «fresh» and competitive. Depending on the frequency of redesign, the complexity and cost of the redesign process itself will depend. The higher your site’s age, the greater the amount of work will lead to its redesign, and, conversely, newer sites require minor changes.


To keep your web business project’s long and profitable life, you must constantly research this basic: has your site a competitive design? Because interaction with your website interface – is the first step for your potential customers to interact with your business.